The Next Wag Pack Info

Sunday, October 12, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m.
Halpatiokee Park

The Wag Pack is back on the trail this Sunday with a nature stroll through lovely Halpatiokee Park.   (7645 SE Lost River Road, just off Kanner Hwy right before you get to I-95)   directions here

The Halpatioke walk is 3/4 mile long.  The Waggers meet in the rear parking lot where friendly hellos will form our Pack.  Then we’ll wag through the beautiful landscape, insuring that all sections of sidewalk trails have been properly sniffed and marked!   Halfway into our journey, we’ll stop to water the pups, then, to wrap it up, both humans and dogs will enjoy refreshments along with socializing and play.  Halpatiokee park is full of trails, but for this walk we stick to the paved sidewalks that meander through the trees.

Waste pickup bags, water, drinking bowls, bandanas and human refreshments will be available.  Please feel free to bring a friend, human or canine, and enjoy a fun afternoon with people who share your love and enthusiasm for the family dog.

Cart Pilot Volunteer Needed: Each month we need a dogless volunteer to pilot the supply/waste pick up cart (or someone with a small dog that can fit INside the cart). Anyone interested in being our February pilot please contact Dona  772-403-3110.

What is The Wag Pack? 

  • We are simply a dog walk group that gets together monthly
  • Wag Pack participation is free
  • The Wag Pack provides Waggers (people and their pets) with exercise, fresh air, and the stimulation of new places, faces and socializations.  
  • Waggers learn from each other about dog tips, activities and dog-related news. 
  • Waggers make new friends who are doggie-active too. 
  • Wag Packs promote awareness about responsible dog ownership in our community. 

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