The Next Wag Pack Info

Saturday, November 15 @ 3:30 pm

Twin Rivers Park
Off of Kubin Avenue in Port Salerno

Waste pickup bags, water, drinking bowls, bandanas and human refreshments will be available.  Please feel free to bring a friend, human or canine, and enjoy a fun afternoon with people who share your love and enthusiasm for the family dog.

Cart Pilot Volunteer Needed: Each month we need a dogless volunteer to pilot the supply/waste pick up cart (or someone with a small dog that can fit INside the cart). Anyone interested in being our February pilot please contact Dona  772-403-3110.

What is The Wag Pack? 

  • We are simply a dog walk group that gets together monthly
  • Wag Pack participation is free
  • The Wag Pack provides Waggers (people and their pets) with exercise, fresh air, and the stimulation of new places, faces and socializations.  
  • Waggers learn from each other about dog tips, activities and dog-related news. 
  • Waggers make new friends who are doggie-active too. 
  • Wag Packs promote awareness about responsible dog ownership in our community. 

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